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Another Health Canada Horror Story - C-51& C-52

Another Health Canada Horror Story - C-51& C-52


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So what's the thread here?

"Do you believe that Natural Health Products (NHPs) compete with pharmaceuticals?

Did you know that Health Protection Branch (HPB) directors* and scientists have several times publicly objected to, and even quit because of internal pressure from senior HPB officials to approve drugs that had not been properly tested, or in which testing had shown to be unsafe yet the government has never investigated the HPB?

Did you know that most of the pressure to regulate NHPs comes form the drug regulating branch of HPB?

Did you know that there are no provisions to protect the consumer form conflict of interest (many HBP officials have had direct connections to drug companies) in the HPBs current or proposed NHPs regulations?"

*Including the Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD)

Extracted from: Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) Member Questionnaire

Did you know that most of the funds for the Health Canada come from the pharmaceutical companies?

Don't you think that this is a conflict of interest?

Now do you still think giving Health Canada officials more power to protect us via the charade of C-51& C-52 will really protect us?

How can NHPs that are safer than foods pose a risk and be treated like poisons?

Don't you think that those MPs who claim that they won’t let C-51 or C-52 unduly restrict access NHPs have sold us out then?

Surely they have bought into the lie that NHPs pose a risk?

We must then continue to expose this lie and demand "evidence-based data of death and adverse reactions to justify the extreme federal interventions showing harm? It is not ordinary citizens who are clamouring and demanding protection from safe and effective nutrients, but the "competitors" who are selling unsafe and intolerable products -- such as cancer drugs so horrific that an eleven-year-old boy is unable to endure a repetition of the treatment and begs to be allowed to die in peace"

Extracted from: Bills C-51 & C-52 Example letters

For a comprehensive raison d'être for these bills see Vitality June 2008 article by By Helke Ferrie

Only by exposing the lies can we defeat these bills....

Chris Gupta

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